We have discipline
and dedication.

A winning campaign always begins with an idea—an idea grounded in research. Fine-tuned into a winning strategy by a seasoned, dedicated staff of experts, this idea will ultimately grow into a full campaign. This disciplined approach has made Goddard Gunster one of the most successful issue advocacy firms in the U.S.

The Goddard team created the first national advocacy advertising campaign in the U.S., the first political advertising in the former Soviet Union, and the first issue advocacy feature film.

We are committed to breaking down barriers for our clients. When you are ready to win, think Goddard Gunster.

Issue Advocacy

Goddard Gunster has won some of the most important issue battles of our time by creating and executing integrated campaigns that incorporate media relations, coalition building, grassroots mobilization, and targeted advertising, and direct lobbying.

Social and Digital Media

Our comprehensive grassroots campaigns are based on the latest technologies. Our in-house creative team, crafts everything from websites to recruitment communications and social media to interactive utilities that can be customized for specific audiences.


Anyone can add to the message clutter. The trick is to create advertising that doesn’t go in one ear and out the other, but spends some quality time in between. In print, broadcast, outdoor, collateral and online, we create concepts that win.

Earned Media

Either in-house or as part of the campaign team, we work with our clients to generate editorials, place articles, and generate buzz. Harnessing a solid network of personal relationships with key reporters and editorial writers, we deliver winning messages for our clients.

Initiatives and Referenda

Our team has mastered the art of intersecting client interests with the self-interests of voters. That’s the power behind our winning record on some of the most important issues in the country, including insurance, health care, tort reform, taxation, education, and environmental regulation.

Coalitions and Grassroots

Building a successful coalition allows us to position our clients as part of a larger group comprised of prominent citizens, business groups, academicians, experts, and elected officials. We then leverage the support or endorsements of these groups or their individual representatives in a variety of campaign communications.

Strategic Counsel

Our team has decades of hands-on experience developing global strategies, building strong public affairs organizations, and executing sophisticated campaigns across the United States, Europe, and other markets worldwide. We provide senior strategic counsel to corporate and political leaders looking for a competitive edge in a rapidly changing global environment.

“The Goddard Gunster team’s moves

– John Della Volpe, Chief Executive of SocialSphere Inc., The Boston Globe