Goddard Gunster does advocacy better than anyone else. As boundaries and borders begin to fade, strategies we honed on the local level are translating into international success stories. And with a 95% win rate, we can confidently say—


Our method sets us apart.

We break through the clutter.

We break through the clutter by speaking to the self-interests of your target audiences. Our strategic and creative teams work side-by-side to unify logic and emotion. The results are creative concepts and campaigns that have visceral effects on audiences.

We drive the debate

Through facts and research, we define the parameters of the public debate and align consumer, corporate, and government interests. We implement strategy, monitor the success of that strategy, and adjust as we go across print, television, radio, and digital media platforms.

We win.

We do it by looking ahead. After all, winning is not about reacting—it’s about anticipating challenges and positioning yourself strategically for victory before the battle has even begun.

“…AMONG THE FIRST to apply aggressive political campaign strategies to issue advocacy efforts.”

— PR Week

Our capabilities make us unique.

Issue Advocacy

Message Development


Ballot Measures

Earned Media


Government Relations

Strategic Counsel

Integrated Campaigns

Initiatives and Referenda

Materials Development

Website Development

Social and Digital Media

Impact Studies

Coalitions and Grassroots

Opinion Research